Blue Jays Organizational Rosters: Bluefield Blue Jays

Revisiting our roster predictions and comparing with the actual opening day roster

Here’s what my opening day roster predictions were for the Bluefield Blue Jays (with notes on where I went wrong and where the player actually ended up):

C: Ridge Smith — Lansing

1B: Yorman Rodriguez

2B: Javier Monzon — Released. Surprising since Monzon had a .837 OPS between GCL and Bluefield last year.

3B: Sterling Guzman

SS: Bo Bichette — Lansing. Yup, this looks bad now. I was thinking he’d get a conservative promotion to Rk since he’s still a teenager instead he jumped 3 levels up to A ball. Obviously, it has turned out to be a great decision

LF: Norberto Obeso — Vancouver

CF  Reggie Pruitt  — Vancouver

RF  Nick Sinay — Lansing

DH Levi Scott — Released

Ryan Gold

C Matt Morgan — Vancouver

INF Kevin Vicuna — Vancouver

SS Jesus Severino

OF Chavez Young — (original, then picked Antony Fuentes once I moved Young up to replace Jacob Anderson. Fuentes is with Bluefield. Young is with Vancouver)

OF Kalik May — Released


SP Wilfri Aleton — Vancouver

SP Yennsy Diaz — Lansing

SP Jose Espada — Vancouver

SP Osman Gutierrez — Lansing

SP Dany Jimenez — Vancouver

SP Juliandry Higuera — Vancouver

RP Christian Cox — (Original, then guessed Randy Pondler once Cox was released)

RP Jared Carkuff — Lansing

RP Brayden Bouchey — Vancouver

RP Grayson Huffman —Vancouver

RP Gabe Noyalis — Released

RP Angel Alicea — Unassigned. Surprising. Could be injured?

RP Jairo Rosario — Released

RP Chris Hall — Vancouver

RP Jose Nova

RP Stuart Holmes — Released

RP Kelyn Jose

RP Kyle Weatherly — Vancouver

RP Luke Gillingham

That adds up to a 9/30 score which a big improvement on my Vancouver predictions. I had anticipated Bluefield to be far tougher and termed it a list of possibilities rather than predictions.

The usual caveats apply again to the results: Injuries and players being released. Eight players on my list were released or are unassigned. Organizationally, there are more than 30 players on the DL.

There was an additional wrinkle with Bluefield: incoming prospects from the 2017 MLB draft. Eleven players on Bluefield opening day roster were fresh draftees.

Subtracting the draftees and the releasees results in a much more pleasing score of 9/12. (I can do that right?)

Here’s who was actually on the opening day roster for the Bluefield Blue Jays (and, for my mistakes, where I thought those players would appear):

C Ryan Gold

1B Ryan Noda — 15th round selection

2B Jesus Navarro — Unassigned

3B Sterling Guzman

SS Jesus Severino (actually appeared on both Vancouver and Bluefield’s opening day rosters)

LF Tanner Kirwer — 20th round

CF Mc Gregory Contreras — Unassigned

RF Antony Fuentes

DH/C Yorman Rodriguez

OF Brandon Polizzi — 35th round

SS Kevin Smith — 4th round

C Reilly Johnson — 30th round


SP Maximo Castillo — Unassigned

SP Josh Winckowski — Unassigned

SP Alvaro Galindo — Unassigned

SP Elio Silva — Unassigned

SP Tyler Olander — Unassigned

SP Joel Espinal — Unassigned


RP Randy Pondler

RP Jose Nova

RP Mitch McKown — Unassigned

RP Kelyn Jose

RP Yonardo Herdenez — Unassigned

RP Luke Gillingham

RP Ty Tice — 16th round

RP Graham Spraker — 31st round

RP Zach Logue — 9th round

RP Colton Laws — 7th round

RP Joe DiBenedetto — 29th round

RP Jordan Barrett — 18th round

 Well, that’s it for this series of roster prediction retrospectives. It was a interesting exercise but next year, I’ll just do lists of possibilities for levels below AA.

Players to watch on Bluefield include top 15 picks Laws, Logue, Smith, Noda and returning organizational players like Gold, Rodriguez, Severino, Olander.

The Bluefield Jays lost their first game of the season last night 13-6.


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