Blue Jays Organizational Rosters: Vancouver Canadians

Revisiting our opening day roster predictions and comparing with the actual roster

Here’s what my opening day roster predictions were for the Canadians (with notes on where I went wrong and where the player actually ended up):

C: Javier Hernandez                   x   DL

1B: David Jacob                        x  Unassigned

2B: Deiferson Barreto

3B: Carl Wise                           x   Dunedin

SS: Yeltsin Gudino              x Lansing

LF: Lance Jones

CF  J.B. Woodman               x Lansing

RF  Rodrigo Orozco            x Lansing

DH Bradley Jones  (noted in an update that he could move up due injuries above him)             x Dunedin

C  Andres Sotillo                 x DL

INF Nash Knight  (noted in an update that he could move up due to injuries)               x Lansing

3B/2B Mattingly Romanin

3B Bryan Lizardo

OF D.J. McKnight              x Released

OF Jacob Anderson (original, then predicted Chavez Young once Anderson was released)           x Released

OF Edward Olivares            x Lansing

C Brett Wellman                  x Released


SP Patrick Murphy          x DL

SP Luis Sanchez              x Released

SP Andy Ravel                x Lansing

SP Mike Ellenbest              x Lansing

SP Tayler Saucedo         x Lansing

SP Denis Diaz              x Lansing

RP Griffin Glaude         x DL

RP Zach Jackson           x Dunedin

RP Jackson Lowery      x Released

RP Connor Eller                 x Lansing

RP Daniel Young              x Dunedin

RP Evan Smith                 x Released

RP Travis Bergen              x DL

RP Nick Hartman             x Lansing

RP Jackson McClelland          x Dunedin

RP Nate Abel (original, then predicted Jon Wandling once Abel was released. Wandling was also released however)         x Released

Yup, this did not go well.

That adds up to a 5/28 score and not a single pitcher correct. I knew predicting for six levels deep in the system was going to be massive challenge, especially since Vancouver is a short season team (my predictions were made in the middle of spring training).

Unfortunately, for my predictions, there were five DL stints and six releases to contend with. As has been noted in the other organizational rosters posts, there were also a spate of injuries and releases in the higher levels which bumped many players up from where I had projected them. Currently there are 32 players on the disabled list among the five levels above Vancouver—more than a full team.

I am still somewhat surprised by the releases of Lowery, Abel and McKnight and by David Jacob not making the cut. Jacob, now 22, had a .866 OPS between the GCL Jays and Vancouver.

Here’s who was actually on the opening day roster for the Canadians (and, for my mistakes, where I thought those players would appear):

C Matt Morgan — Rk

1B Yorman Rodriguez — Rk

2B Mattingly Romanin — Correct

3B Bryan Lizardo — Correct

SS Deiferson Barreto — Correct

LF Lance Jones — Correct

CF Reggie Pruitt — Rk

OF Chavez Young — Correct

1B Francisco Rodriguez — Unassigned

INF Jesus Severino (in an update, noted he could move up to due injuries)  — Rk

OF Norberto Obeso — Rk

INF Kevin Vicuna — Rk

C Owen Spiwak — Unassigned


SP Dalton Rodriguez — Rk

SP Jose Espada — Rk

SP Wilfri Aleton — Rk

SP Juan Nunez — Unassigned

SP Dany Jimenez — Unassigned

SP Juliandry Higuera — Rk


RP Brayden Bouchey — Rk

RP Miguel Burgos — Rk

RP Jared Carkuff — Rk

RP Bobby Eveld  — Unassigned

RP Chris Hall — Rk

RP Kyle Weatherly — Rk

RP Grayson Huffman — Rk

RP William Ouellette — Unassigned

RP Orlando Pascual — Unassigned

Lesson learned, middle of Spring Training is too early to try and forecast A- rosters. Rookie league begins soon so we’ll get a chance to look back at my ill-advised predictions for that level too.

Reggie Pruitt is probably the most well-known player on Vancouver currently. He is listed as 27th of MLB Pipeline’s ranking of the Blue Jays’ top 30 prospects.

The Canadians roster won’t stay in its current iteration for long as some players from the recently completed MLB draft will be assigned to Vancouver.

In their first game of the season, the Canadians beat the Eugene Emeralds 6-1.


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