Positives From a Horrific Blue Jays Opening Week

Finding some positives in a dreadful 1-7 start for the Blue Jays

Yes, there are a few. Not many to be sure. It definitely took some effort and I had to put on a real sunny disposition but I found some silver linings:

  • No one died
  • Baseball is still a thing that exists and there’s more of it tomorrow and the day after, etc.
  • Ice cream and puppies also exist
  • The Leafs are in the playoffs
  • It was a nice clear, sunny day yesterday
  • You can always flip the channel and watch/marvel at Mike Trout.
  • 3/5 teams in the Blue Jays system won yesterday: The Bisons, Fisher Cats and Dunedin Blue Jays were all victorious.
  • It could be worse. I covered the Twins last season and they started out with an 0-9 record.
  • Having to deal with frustrating events builds character. Celebrate the ways the Jays losses have helped you to grow as a person.


Ok, ok, I do have some less abstract/satirical ones as well:

  • They’re not getting blown out. They’ve lost their seven games by an average of 2 runs.
  • Though they are last in the league record-wise, they are actually 16th in runs allowed. 16th is not where you want to be but there’s a huge outlier with Francisco Liriano‘s terrible start. Aside from that game, the pitching has been excellent.
  • The Blue Jays have a solid club 4.23 ERA. Take away Liriano’s 0.1 inning and you get an excellent 3.63 ERA. The team’s woes are definitely, and nearly completely, offensive.
  • There’s been some bad luck involved for the hitters:  .239 BABIP, 5.9 HR/FB
  • Every batter, aside from Donaldson and Barney, is hitting far below their career norms:Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.57.20 PM.png
    (via bluejays.com)
    Jose Bautista is obviously not going to post a .450 OPS for the year, nor Russell Martin a .354, Devon Travis .248, etc.
  •  If the Jays were hitting just at the 33rd percentile (which would still be a disappointment) of the league, they’d be a .500 team.
  • MLB.com win expectancy formula has the Jays at 3-5. Fangraphs’ model is predicting a .527 win % for the Jays 155 remaining games.
  • The 1953 Yankees had a 0-9 losing streak and won the World Series. Seven teams have had a seven game losing streak and won the World Series. The 1951 Giants lost 11 straight and played in the World Series. The 1993 Jays had a 1-10 stretch. Good teams will occasionally stink. The Jays could just be getting their stinking out of the way early.

None of this will make you feel much better right now and I get that, I’m frustrated too but this is totally unsustainable awfulness. This a ~20 win pace right now. They will do better. I guarantee it. Sure, perhaps they’ll tread water all season and that won’t be fun but they will stop drowning.


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